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Referral Program FAQ

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Referral Program FAQ

Give your friends 20% off their first purchase

Get 20% of their purchase in cash when they shop with your link - AND EVERY PURCHASE OF THEIRS AFTER THAT*!

STEP 1 - Use this link to create a referral account:

STEP 2 - Tap "Your Rewards" in the top corner (on mobile: tap the 3 line menu icon top left corner) to set up your Advocate account to track your referrals. This is also where you will set up your PayPal account information (for payouts). Payouts are once a month and will show up as “Anafore LLC” in your PayPal account.

STEP 3 - Activate your account by verifying via the email it will send you after signing up.

STEP 4 - Copy your unique referral link and SHARE! A discount code will be provided to your referred friends after they click your link that they'll use at checkout.

Note: If you used the pop-up widget located in the bottom left corner of this website initially to create an account, you can tap the “Get Invite Link” button in the email that was sent to you -or- follow the steps above using the same email you signed up with in the pop-up widget.  

*Regarding referral credit for your friend’s subsequent purchases on the website: If your referred friend clears out their browsing history, cookies or cache, you may not receive credit for their subsequent purchases. Encourage them to click the referral link again so that your referral is properly tracked.

This referral program may change or be discontinued at any time.